About Us We consider ourselves an industry leader within Papua New Guinea's Engineering & Construction industry.

Trinity Engineering & Construction Limited is recognized as an industry leader in Papua New Guinea due to its technical expertise and extensive years of experience in delivering high-quality engineering and construction solutions.

Trinity Engineering & Construction is managed by individuals of integrity and strong faith, representing diverse regions of Papua New Guinea, who are committed to upholding moral values and fostering a culture of respect, transparency, and accountability in all aspects of the company’s operations.

Trinity Engineering & Construction is dedicated to addressing the high unemployment rate in Papua New Guinea by actively creating job opportunities for the local workforce. Through its projects and operations, Trinity strives to hire and train Papua New Guineans, providing them with meaningful employment and the chance to contribute to the country’s economic development.

Building Local Content

Trinity Engineering & Construction is committed to becoming Papua New Guinea's model for Building Local Content, aiming to prioritize and empower local talent, resources, and communities in its projects and operations.

Economic Driver

Trinity Engineering & Construction is dedicated to being Papua New Guinea's leading Economic Driver, actively contributing to the country's economic growth and development through its innovative engineering and construction projects.

Economic Outcomes

Trinity Engineering & Construction strives to be Papua New Guinea's exemplar for integrity and quality assurance, upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and delivering exceptional construction services with a strong focus on quality and reliability.


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